In the glittering world of liquid-bearing receptacles, mugs hold a special place in our hearts. Mugs hold coffee, without which the world would not turn, nor the sun rise. Mugs hold tea, the solution to all life’s problems. Mugs hold instant chicken soup, the cure for the common cold. Mugs even hold alcohol, if you’re not in the mood to broadcast your problem-solving tipple of choice. So your choice of mug is important.

Sea Swirls (Abalone) Standard Mug


Pretty Rock Designs mugs do not have sassy comments written on them, nor rudely shaped handles designed to give the office decency standards a nudge. They’re not dire warnings to the outside world to avoid the holder until they’ve caffeinated themselves into a semblance of humanity.

Hearts And Chains (Birdseye Rhyolite) Tall Mug


Pretty Rock Designs mugs are beautiful. They soothe you through those difficult moments before the contents can take hold. They are a promise of better things to come. They are nice to look at, and make excellent gifts for the most difficult-to-buy-for colleague, friend, relative, or nemesis.

Goldfish Apocalypse (Plasma Stone) Travel Mug


Pretty Rock Designs mugs come in several models and from two sites: Pretty Rock Designs on Redbubble (Mugs, Travel Mugs) and Pretty Rock Empire on CafePress (Mugs).


Standard and Tall Mugs (Redbubble)

Find the full collection of Pretty Rock Designs Standard and Tall  Mugs here. When you find a design you like, use the STYLE menu to switch between Standard, Tall, and Travel.

Technical info:

  • Standard: 325ml/11oz; Tall: 354ml/12oz (conical shape)
  • Features wraparound prints
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from Ceramic

    Travel Mugs (Redbubble)

    Find the full collection of Pretty Rock Designs Travel Mugs here. When you find a design you like, use the STYLE menu to switch between Standard, Tall, and Travel.

    Technical info:

  • 443ml/15oz
  • Features wraparound prints
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Insulated stainless steel with removable lid
  • Small, Large, and Mega Mugs (CafePress)

    Find the full collection of Pretty Rock Empire mugs on CafePress here.

    CafePress offers a number of product variations. In the standard Small Mug product you can have a white background or a black colour-changing surface that reveals the Pretty Rock design as the mug heats up. There’s also a rounded Large and a Mega size in white background only.

    Technical info (Currently only available in Imperial measurements, because US):

  • Small measures 3.75″ tall, 3″ diameter; Large measures 4.5″ tall, 3:25″ diameter; Mega measures 4.5″ tall, 3.75″ diameter
  • Small holds 11 oz; Large holds 15 oz; Mega holds 20 oz.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • White background
  • Black colour-changing mugs available in small only and are heat sensitive. The colour-changing mug starts out all black in colour. Simply add any hot liquid to the mug and watch as the mug changes from black to white and your unique design is revealed! Black colour-changing mug is hand-wash only.

    Strange Peacock (Abalone)
    Small Mug

    Golden Surfer (Laguna Lace Agate)
    Large Mug

    Mega Mug

    strange_peacock_mug-small golden_surfer_mug xwing_mug-mega


    If you can’t find the perfect mix of Pretty Rock Designs image and mug design, drop us a line at and we’ll see what we can do.

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