Nothing says someone cares quite like a physical card in the mail, doubly so if it’s as beautiful as a Pretty Rock Designs card¬†from Redbubble. If you’re planning to be that someone who cares you’ll need to give yourself the most time to receive, write and post your cards before the big day. Pretty Rock cards also make wonderful gifts on the day as gift tags with your own special message, or as a pack of blank cards for your friend to pass on to others.

greeting-card postcard

Every single image in the Pretty Rock portfolio is available for purchase as a 10cm x 15cm postcard, 10cm x 15cm greeting card, or 12.5cm x 19cm greeting card. All cards are blank, and suitable for all occasions. Plastic sleeves are optional.

Tip: The Patterns and Designs collection is particularly festive. Check out Rainbow Snowflake (Plume Agate):


Perfect for either a northern or southern hemisphere Christmas.

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