Luscious Liveable Leggings

Let’s get this clear – leggings are not pants, but nor are they a crime. They’re great for pumping iron, yoga , DANCING, and turning that ever-so-slightly-too-short skirt into respectable daywear. Even in long skirts or amongst layer upon layer of clothing, exciting leggings can spice up any outfit, or be your secret pride.

Pretty Rocks on Frocks fabrics from Spoonflower allow you to create your own leggings in as stretchy and wild a fabric as you’re prepared to engage with (yes, even Lycra), but now Redbubble offers ready-made stretch-waisted leggings in sizes XXS to XL . (More info about materials and sizing here.)

Check out some of these Pretty Rock leggings (front, back):

Lightworks (Fancy Jasper)

leggings,m,x875,front-bg,ffffff.2 (3) leggings,m,x875,back-bg,ffffff.2 (3)

Diamond Star (Quartz Geode)

leggings,m,x875,front-bg,ffffff.2 (2) leggings,m,x875,back-bg,ffffff.2 (2)

Five Stars (Lace Agate)

leggings,m,x875,front-bg,ffffff.2 (1) leggings,m,x875,back-bg,ffffff.2 (1)

Kaleidoscopic (Prism Agate)

leggings,m,x875,front-bg,ffffff.2 leggings,m,x875,back-bg,ffffff.2

HEAPS MORE and other things (trust us) can be found in the Pretty Rock Patterns and Designs collection. Or click here to see a world of Pretty Rock Leggings.

How much?

All leggings are AUD$65 (plus shipping) so check out that exchange rate folks.

(Info accurate as of 24 September 2015)

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