Duvet (or is it Doona?) Covers

Where I come from they’re called doona covers, but in other parts they’re duvet or continental quilt covers – wonderful coverings for snuggly bedding. A rose by any other name would still be as fantastic as a Duvet Cover from Pretty Rock Designs, brought to you by Redbubble.

The top is sturdy but softened polyester that does a wonderful job of reproducing and hanging on to colours, and the underside is an even softer cotton/polyester blend. Here are the technical details.

  • Available in three sizes: Twin (173cm x 224cm)/(68″ x 88″), Queen (224cm x 224cm)/(88″ x 88″) & King (264cm x 224cm)/(104″ x 88″)
  • Brushed polyester printed topside with a soft cotton/polyester off-white underside
  • Concealed zipper and ties for securing your duvet inside (insert not included)
  • Machine washable on a cold water gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent and tumble dry away, but stay away from the bleach.

Here are just some examples from the whole Pretty Rock Doona Cover collection:


Hearts and Chains (Birdseye Rhyolite)


Take The Next Left (Bismuth)

dc,1200x1200,king,bed.1 (1)

Sea Swirls (Abalone)

dc,1200x1200,king,bed.1 (2)

Enter The Labyrinth (Shattuckite)

dc,1200x1200,king,bed.1 (3)

Rainbow Snowflake (Plume Agate)

dc,1200x1200,king,bed.1 (4)


To make the high standard of image requirements for such a large printed item, you’ll see that most Pretty Rock duvet covers are repeat patterns. Some more recent Pretty Rock images are offered as duvet covers, but as a single image with a white border. If you’d like to see how an image would look as a repeat design, drop us a line at prettyrockdesigns@gmail.com.

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