Fabulous Floaty Scarves

Pretty Rock Designs and Redbubble are pleased to present large square fabulous floaty scarves in amazing colours and patterns.

Here are the technical details:

  • One large size measuring 55″ x 55″ (140cm x 140cm)
  • Made from a light chiffon fabric
  • Full print front is visible all the way through
  • 100% Microfiber Polyester

Because of the nature of the fabric, the final effect is softer than the original artwork you’ll see on the screen, but Redbubble’s previews of the actual products are adjusted to give you the most realistic representation possible.

Here are just some examples from the whole Pretty Rock Designs scarf collection:

Rainbow Snowflake (Plume Agate)



Enter The Labyrinth (Shattuckite)

scarf,x1080-bg,f8f8f8.2 (1)


X-Wing (Laguna Lace Agate)

scarf,x1080-bg,f8f8f8.2 (2)


Eyes On You (Plume Agate)

scarf,x1080-bg,f8f8f8.2 (3)


Hearts Entwined (Dechutes Jasper)

scarf,x1080-bg,f8f8f8.2 (4)


To make the high standard of image requirements for such a large printed item, you’ll see that most Pretty Rock scarves are repeat patterns. Some more recent Pretty Rock images are offered as a single image with a white border. If you’d like to see how an image would look as a repeat design, drop us a line at prettyrockdesigns@gmail.com.

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